Thursday, January 06, 2011

Top SEO / SEM New Year Resolutions

The Flashlight Search Marketing Team at Rocktime would like to share with you their top ten search engine optimisation resolutions for the New Year. Need any help setting up yours?

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Rocktime's top ten SEO / SEM resolutions
  1. Review keyword density on our product pages
  2. Reoptimise our page titles and descriptions
  3. Consider what we are not talking about on our website in line with 2011 trends
  4. Continue to explore new ways to connect with our prospects online
  5. Revisit our internal linking strategies on our website
  6. Shout more about out blog posts on social networks
  7. Establish Local SEO targets & give focus to geo location targeting
  8. Create compelling content people will want to share
  9. Create new accounts in line with Social Media Strategy
  10. Set some big goals and analyse the metrics to increase sales & leads
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Author: Sarah Griffiths


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