Monday, March 25, 2013

Acquiring Fans on Facebook

Research from Efficient Frontier (Jan 2012) found that on average, brands are acquiring fans at a rate of 9% per month.

Are your fans/likes growing at this pace?

If you regularly post updates but get little feedback from fans, it may be because you are talking rather than conversing. Because, people don't go out and "like" random pages for businesses that they haven't already used, or plan to use.

Customer Engagement is key

Facebook isn't just about broadcasting your news; it's about customer engagement and via the sharing of interesting content, enhancing your brand awareness to the friends of your Facebook page fans.  The above image is from the Mothercare UK Facebook page, who regularly post 'Facebook Exclusive' offers, giving their customers a reason to 'like' them and stick around.

To increase engagement on your own business Fan page, consider who your customers are and how your customers want to engage on Facebook (i.e. helping shape the brand, contests, visual experience, events and incentives for sharing).  Secondly, consider what they search for on Facebook, where else are they active, take a look at the other related pages where your target market are regularly commenting, what is a hot topic?

Who are your customers?

Along with viewing popular conversations/engagement, questioning what your fans want from your page and considering who your fans are/will be, will help you develop engaging content.

For example, for hotels, guests' needs will differ from those interested in family breaks to business trips; fun breaks to activity bases; somewhere quiet to a lively restaurant; local attractions to events at the hotel.

Use Facebook to seek out and engage with local news stories and regular events where there may be a potential for a tie-in with your page. For example, hotels could offer group rates to an event or conference organiser and invite the organiser to tag the hotel page when mentioning the discount for the event to attendees/delegates.

Goals and expectations

When tasked with the objective to 'enhance your Facebook page acquisition rate', two good places to start are establishing goals for your Facebook page and considering why your target audience would like your page / what are they expecting?

As a means of example, we have listed below ten goals for a Hotel Facebook page and ten reasons why a fan may want to join a Hotel Facebook page.

Ten goals for a Hotel Facebook page

1. Extend marketing campaigns
2. Community engagement (attract fans of your friends) / be a story teller.
3. Generate extra web traffic
4. Boost brand awareness and increase brand loyalty
5. Support customers and receive instant feedback
6. Increase bookings to accommodation
7. Increase bookings to events
8. Increase bookings to conference and meeting rooms
9. Keep up with the competition
10. Obtain further insight into customer base (using Facebook insights)

Ten expectations / reasons why a customer may 'like' a Hotel Facebook page

1. They are passionate about their location (images)
2. They let me know about events happening in the area
3. They like to share with me the special Facebook promotions
4. They inspire me to get creative in the kitchen
5. They are eager to know how the hotel can make our stay even more comfortable
6. Should I post a recommendation on the page, my Facebook friends will see this
7. They keep me up to date on those who supply the hotel
8. They are helpful and generally care that I have had a pleasant stay
9. They share their latest reviews from customers and citation websites (i.e. Trip Advisor)
10. They make me feel part of their story

We hope you can relate these goals and reasons to your own business and that it will enable you to think more strategically about growing your Facebook page popularity.

Should you require assistance for social media strategy and growth, please visit our Social Media Strategy page or contact our Sales team today to discuss your requirements.

Author: Sarah Griffiths

Friday, March 08, 2013

Geek Video of the Month

Jack (year 10 student) joined Rocktime last week on a two week work experience placement. He has mostly been working with the web developers as this is a career he is considering pursuing.

Rocktime's Search Marketing team tasked Jack with a quest to find this month's 'Geek Video of the Month'. Jack had to source three potential Geek videos and one would be chosen for this month's Geek Video of the Month. And here it is!

We are pleased to announce that Jack has been very successful. He interpreted the brief well, did some good research and was able to provide creative ideas. Jack's choice of Geek video is certainly worthy of being voted 'Geek Video of the Month'. It is truly awesome!

The Geek video was created by Microsoft in 2011 titled, "Productivity Future Vision" it has been very popular with over 4m views. The video looks at what technology will be like in 5 to 10 years time, focusing on how people will get things done at work, home and on the go. The video is six minutes long, but well worth the watch. Our favourite part is the on the go interactive smart phone booking of a charity concert.

As with all visionary projections it can stir up controversial comments but we think it is a good way to demonstrate how so many of the science and technology features in the video are already coming to life just 2 years later.

To find out more about the video we found a related article over at Computer World, titled:
"Why Microsoft's vision of the future will really happen".

Other videos sourced by Jack include:

A very recent (3 weeks) ago news of a Transparent Mobile Phone prototype developed in Taiwan and a trailer of the World's first and only 3D drawing pen the '3Doodler'. The video outlines how the 3D drawing technology works and sectors that may be interested in using the tool.

Potentially Jack may win Geek video of the month for April too.

Thanks so much Jack for providing such great content, it has been great working with you. If you continue with the blog you created, please do let us know about it over on Twitter @RocktimeSocial.

Author: Sarah Griffiths & Jack Williams