Monday, July 29, 2013

Geek Video of the Month

This month’s 'Geek Video of the Month', shares ‘10 amazing science stunts from the psychologist, author and performer that is Richard Wiseman. View his website for a 30 second introduction slide show on him here:

We sourced the video from Richard’s YouTube channel ‘Quirkology’, which has nearly 800K subscribers. Well done team Wiseman!

Some of these science stunts featured on this video you will remember from school, others were totally new to us. So if you do have a need to impress your friends, class mates or neighbours, this Summer, with impressive science stunts, then Richard’s Quirkology YouTube channel is a must watch.

Enjoy ;) 

We would love to know if you are thinking of trying out any of these interactive experiments. Feel free to comment below.

Author: Sarah Griffiths

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Ten Twitter Tips for Business and Pleasure

We are regularly asked for our top tips for engaging on social networks.   Sharing with you this month, our top ten tips for engaging and optimising on Twitter.   Feel free to share your Twitter tips in the comments section below.

Sharing our Top Ten Twitter Tips for Business and Pleasure

1. Know who, what and why you are looking to connect on Twitter.  Define your goals. Listen and search.

2. Be responsive to those who contact you on Twitter and look to connect with new people every day.  

3. Use Twitter lists to organise influencers. Understand Twitter Etiquette. Try not to be too salesy and watch out for spammers. 

4. Talk about what interests you, share articles on topics that interest you.  Share thoughts, tips, resources that will help your target connections.

5. Use hash-tags to help others find topics you are interested in.

6. Build relationships, respond to tweets, add value to the stream.

7. To maximise on re-tweets, keep tweet length to 70-100 so to leave space for RT @username and comment.

8. Treat others here as you would at a networking event. Engage your followers and speak to them.  It’s just as important online as offline to be authentic, fun, creative and where possible, inspire others with your words and action.

9. Stay up to date with changes to Twitter.

10. Cross Promote other social channels from your Twitter account.

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Author: Sarah Griffiths

Monday, July 15, 2013

Team Event: Exhilarating Experience

As part of our monthly team events, Farah and I arranged for the team to experience a RIB Speed Boat Ride along the Jurassic Coast which is located just a 5 minute walk from our Head Office.

We are very lucky indeed to be working so close to the coastline, alas all of us are guilty for not making the most of it.
The RIB ride was arranged with Poole Sea Safari, who has received some fabulous 5 star visitor rating reviews on their Trip Advisor account.  It was great to see that Poole Sea Safari were responding to the positive comments on Trip Advisor too. Great online customer engagement, we like it! The comments they had received on TripAdvisor was the main reason for booking this trip, it gave us confidence that everyone was going to have a great time.

The team spent a lovely afternoon together on their 90 minute coastline tour, learning about the local wildlife, geology and the history of the coastline.  Along with the interesting commentary, the team also learnt what ‘donuts’ are in skipper terms, and that “iPhone 5’s” are water proof!

The passengers enjoyed every minute and were buzzing with compliments after the trip.

The ride started off sedately out of the shallow harbour but soon got up to an exhilarating speed. The views offer an amazingly different perspective, being so ‘up close’ to the geological folds and layers of the rock formations and cliffs from The Triassic to Cretaceous Eras. Another highlight was cutting the engine and floating into a cave of nesting guillemots and puffins. It is easy to see why the Jurassic Coast is England's first natural World Heritage Site. It was a ‘naturally’ great shared experience and a good laugh!

Further compliments included: A Rib-Tastic afternoon, exhilarating experience, highly recommended and one to remember.

Last month's team event included a Pool Competition and prizes were awarded for not just the winners, but those who provided support and encouragement.

This month Alex and David are planning the team event.  Should be interesting!

Author: Sarah Griffiths and Farah Khan