Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Martin shares his thoughts on mCommerce

This year one of our New Year Resolutions is to share with you more content about our personal experiences with online technologies. Martin Bradbury, Business Development at Rocktime is kick starting us off, as he talks about his experience and thoughts on mCommerce, enjoy.

My thoughts on mCommerce

I recently purchased an Android Powered smart phone, and I find myself very amenable to buying apps through the Android Market. The process of actually spending real money through my mobile feels uncannily natural and very easy, leaving me safe that I can trust Google Checkout with my hard earned cash.

So now I can browse through Android Market, find an app or a game worth buying (ok, that's sometimes a struggle!), click click and I've bought it and a minute or so afterwards, it's installed on my phone and ready for me to enjoy. So there you go, Google Checkout has my credit card details and I'm happy for them to have it. So where is this all going?

I'm mentioning this because it's got me thinking about how much mobile app's have done for mCommerce. It's not just Google Checkout or the Apples App store that has got us spending money on our mobiles. Many of the high street retailers such as Marks & Spencer and John Lewis have mobile versions of their websites that not only allow you to browse, but also order online from your mobile phone. So now you really can choose your next pair of golf socks while relaxing in the bath or if like me you have a penchant for neck ties, why not order a couple of Patrick McMurrays while waiting for the bus to turn up.

You may be thinking that these sites are just marketing fluff and should not be taken too seriously. Well you would be very wrong, they now form an integral part of many retailers revenues streams.

In fact one of the Directors at online fashion retailer ASOS recently tweeted that the company had taken in £73,000 in one day from its mobile site alone... no small apples then.

So is it feasible for SME's to develop mobile enabled sites or apps to create this additional revenue stream? Yes of course! Because of the their size, mobile sites are far cheaper and simpler to develop than traditional site and are not only good for extra income, they can add an element of coolness to your business and also allow you to break into new markets and engage with new audiences.

Here at Rocktime we love mobile tech, and we are really excited about the pace in which mCommerce is becoming part of everyday life.

Developing stand alone mobile sites is something our tech guys have been doing for some time now and they will happily talk to you about it until the cows come home. So if you fancy a cuppa (or two) and a chat about mobile commerce or mobile apps then give me a call. Alternatively, browse to the Rocktime mobile site on your own mobile device (it's really easy and quick), just open your mobile browser and tap in m.rocktime.co.uk.

Author: Martin Bradbury


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