Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Introducing the New Web Developer

Daniel Griffiths (AKA: Dan or Danny) started at Rocktime this week, we thought to ask him lots of random questions and share the answers with you. Find out what the above picture relates to below.

What is your current job at Rocktime? : Web Developer

What does being a web developer involve? : Learning as much as possible and excelling in all things web development

What is on your mouse pad? : Was I suppose to bring one in?
(Readers: Anyone want to send Danny a mouse mat! feel free too)

Were you named after anyone? : Nope

What book are you reading? : At the moment, “Iain Banks – Whit”.
(Dan: The Times provided this review: 'Fierce contemporaneity, an acrobatic imagination, social comment, sardonic wit.the peculiar sub-culture of cult religion is a natural for Banks, and Luskentyrianism is a fine creation' - sounds interesting)

What was the last CD you bought or downloaded!? : Haven’t listened to it yet – The Wrens. A suggestion by my girlfriends dad.

What is your favourite sport? : Pool

Are you any good at crabbing? : No
(Dan: Before the summer ends there will be Rocktime crab off down at Poole Quay, so best get your practice in)

What is your favourite kitchen item? : That thing you use to stir spaghetti with. It looks a bit like a clawed hand...

If you were a crayon what colour would you be? : Green

Which do you prefer sushi or a hamburger? : Hamburger

What do you do most often when boredom strikes? : Go to the pub

If you could go on holiday to anywhere in the world where would it be? : Iceland, I’ve never met anyone from Iceland. I want to know what they’re accent’s like
(Dan: For Icelandic accents: watch this Bjork interview on You Tube)

Do you have a special talent? : I can juggle pretty well...
(Dan: Excellent, that's Rocktime's Xmas meal entertainment sorted then!!)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Geek video and viral video advert of the month

If you like power and you like speed then our Technical Director,
Kieron Matthews says that you will love this video
from Samsung, non geeks: watch out for the Jargon alert !!

If you like dancing babies then Sarah Griffiths our Search
Marketing Manager and Viral Fan says you will love, love,
love this viral advert from Evian published as part of their
Live Young campaign (Genius).