Friday, September 13, 2013

Short Introduction to Google Adwords Quality Score

What is Google's quality score ?

At a very basic level: Google's quality score is a Paid Search / Adwords algorithm (rule) which provides an estimate of how relevant the keywords are to the ads, adgroup, campaign and the landing page.  1 is the lowest score and 10 the highest.
Improving your quality score
We work with our clients to improve their 'quality score', by reviewing integration between the below:
  • Keywords
  • Ad text
  • Destination URL
  • Landing page 
Understanding quality score

There is some debate as to how much the landing page affects Google's quality score, with many (who have run tests) saying it is a small % of the score.   Researchers have found that rarely will you see a Quality Score of above 3 if your landing page is not relevant.

Useful link to Adwords help to help you check and understand quality score.
What we are certain of is:
  • If the most appropriate landing page (relevant to keyword searched) is served then set conversions will increase
  • CTR and Keyword relevancy and Adgroups are closely related
  • Adverts need to relate to the keywords
  • Quality Scores are determined at the keywords, ad text and campaign levels
Benefits of achieving a high quality score

Having a high Quality Score within your Adwords account can lead to:
  • Lower costs (CPC)
  • Better ad positions
  • You can also outrank competitors that have relative CTR and a higher CPC than you
How is your score working right now?

We work with our clients to improve their Google Adwords Quality Score and increase their return on advert spend (ROAS).   If you believe your Google Adwords account could benefit from a third party review, please feel free to get in touch with our sales team.

Author: Sarah Griffiths


Unknown said...

Identify your best performing key-phrases, pay to have them in the top three and so get good CTRs and good quality scores. A low CTR drags down the quality score over time.

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