Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Geek Video of the Month

The Independent ran an article on the 21st August 2013 asking the question:  Is Google’s Chromecast the future of television?  With the author stating that he believes the £30 dongle / USB device will transform the way you watch your favourite shows.  
Sounds pretty exciting? And this is precisely the reason why the Google’s Chromecast teaser advert / video has won Geek Video of the Month for September.
Find out more about the Digital media streaming adapter developed by Google here:

The video, shows a number of situations where you may need the USB attachement, highlighting the main USPs as computer to TV mirroring, streaming YouTube, Netflixs and other sites to your TV.

Google's Chromecast is expecting to hit the shops before Christmas?  Will it be on your Christmas list?

Personally I will be sticking with our Apple TV as this plays videos from many more services than those found on Chromecast.  An additional negative of Chromecast is that it only lets you mirror what is on your PC from Chrome tabs to the TV, also mirroring is not available from a mobile device.   

Alas if we didn’t already have Apple TV, Chromecast would be a must have, as it is a steal at £30! 

It will be interesting to hear more about the devices popularity in the coming months.  

Author: Sarah Griffiths


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