Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Team Event: Paintball Warriors

This month’s team event was organised by Martin (Business Development) and Craig (Quality Assurance).   The team were invited to a Paintball Warriors Paintballing afternoon in Wimborne. 

Paintball Warriors in Dorset state on their website in their About Us section that they “offer the very latest innovation in cutting edge paintball technology”.  As we offer the "very latest innovation in website technology" then, we already had great synergy before we even arrived.

We would like to send a big thumbs up to the staff at Paintball Warriors who were extremely helpful and focused on making sure everyone had a great time. We would recommend them to anyone thinking organising a Dorset Paintballing event.

Krishna from Rocktime’s Business Development team was our roving reporter on the day and has provided us a selection of observations on skills spotted. Overall everyone participated well throughout the tournaments and a great time was had. 

Krishna’s top observations on Rocktime players:
Safe Player: Craig – he managed to not get even one hit in the whole tournament as he was very careful throughout and used clever tactics to keep away from enemy firing line!

Courage – Kieran Bell – I must say, Kieran Bell at times got in the firing line and got hits but never gave up till the last tournament and kept fighting.  Really impressed with his not give up attitude!

Skillful – Kieron Matthews – he was quick and also rallied team players at times and somehow his team won 3 of 2 battles (cheats! Lol).

Accuracy – Mark – he was focussed and many of his shots were on target.  Though, at times he shot the opponents but few of them denied walking away from the match.

Entertaining – Martin – he made the event interesting and exciting and also was the one to throw grenades etc. and giving a realistic battle ground feel!. Sadly at times, also took consecutive hits on same spot on his hand but was energetic throughout the tournament.

Author: Sarah Griffiths and Krishna Rayalu


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