Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Top Ten Tips for LinkedIn for Business

We are regularly asked for our top tips for engaging on social networks. Sharing with you this month, our top ten tips for engaging and optimising on LinkedIn, including updates and optimisations on Company Pages and personal LinkedIn accounts.

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Top Ten Tips for LinkedIn for Business

1. Know who, what and why you are looking to connect on LinkedIn. Define your goals. Listen and search.

2. Edit the description of your Company Page. Add keywords within speciality section. Choose the most appropriate industry. Optimise on the products and services pages. 

3. Create a professional headline and a summary about you and your experience on your personal account.

4. Select an appropriate networking approach. Send a personal message when reaching out and connecting. 

5. Develop a campaign on the Company Page to create community dialogue. 

6. Get involved with communities / Engage in group discussions and news. 

7. Add interesting and useful content to your Company Page, the type of content that would receive recommendations, likes, comments.

8. Follow influencers and news channels, so that stories you are interested in appear in your 'Home page' feed. 

9. Stay up to date with changes within the LinkedIn network.

10. Cross promote other social channels from your LinkedIn Company Page and personal profile page.  

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Author: Sarah Griffiths


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