Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Ten Twitter Tips for Business and Pleasure

We are regularly asked for our top tips for engaging on social networks.   Sharing with you this month, our top ten tips for engaging and optimising on Twitter.   Feel free to share your Twitter tips in the comments section below.

Sharing our Top Ten Twitter Tips for Business and Pleasure

1. Know who, what and why you are looking to connect on Twitter.  Define your goals. Listen and search.

2. Be responsive to those who contact you on Twitter and look to connect with new people every day.  

3. Use Twitter lists to organise influencers. Understand Twitter Etiquette. Try not to be too salesy and watch out for spammers. 

4. Talk about what interests you, share articles on topics that interest you.  Share thoughts, tips, resources that will help your target connections.

5. Use hash-tags to help others find topics you are interested in.

6. Build relationships, respond to tweets, add value to the stream.

7. To maximise on re-tweets, keep tweet length to 70-100 so to leave space for RT @username and comment.

8. Treat others here as you would at a networking event. Engage your followers and speak to them.  It’s just as important online as offline to be authentic, fun, creative and where possible, inspire others with your words and action.

9. Stay up to date with changes to Twitter.

10. Cross Promote other social channels from your Twitter account.

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Author: Sarah Griffiths


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