Thursday, August 04, 2011

Introduction to Favicons

This month we have a technical focus on the blog. Members of 'The Rocktime Tech Team' will be sharing their knowledge on some of the latest tech developments. Kicking off proceedings the first blog of the month comes from Foz, as he introduces us all to Favicons.
A favicon, also known as a website icon, a shortcut icon, a url icon, or bookmark icon, is a small icon that can be used in several places. A favicon will usually appear as a small icon in your favourites, bookmarks or in the address bars of most browsers.

Ideally, a favicon should tie in nicely with your companies branding. However logos and company names don’t necessarily lend themselves to working well within the limitations of a favicon, namely small and square. The image above demonstrates how it is often obvious which elements of a company’s branding can work i.e the Twitter and New Forest Hotels' favicon. However, sometimes a little creativity is needed; as in the case of both the Google and Rocktime favicon.

Your favicon will be created as part of a new website build, or can be requested should you note you don’t have one, although ideally, we encourage you to give some thought to favicons at the logo design stage.

We design favicons at a size of 32x32 pixels in the standard .ico format, which you can read more about here.

A favicon is something so small, yet so significant and there are lots of branding and bookmarking benefits from having a favicon. If you want a favicon to be added to your Google blog or website, or whether you need a logo for a web App or webclip for an iPhone, to form part of your 'online graphical elements' then please contact our Rocktime Sales Team.

Author: Foz


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