Friday, August 26, 2011

Cloud Computing in Plain English

We are big fans of Common Craft videos as they have a great ability of simplifying a technical subject matter.

The above image links to a “for evaluation only Common Craft video” to explain about the basics of cloud computing, how it works and how businesses and individuals can use the Cloud to spend less time worrying about technology and focus on what matters (their growing business).

The video teaches you:
  • The difference between on-site computing and cloud computing

  • The financial benefits of cloud computing

  • What makes cloud computing secure and efficient

  • How cloud computing impacts consumers

To learn more about Cloud Computing please do make sure you read this month’s Guest Blog from C4L on Cloud Computing; 'C4L Talk Cloud Computing'.

In extension to the above, to understand more about how C4Ls cloud computing solutions can help your business contact their sales team on 08000 470 481 or visit their website

Author: Alice Cheetham


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