Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Useful Content and why we love Panda

This blog post is in celebration of the Google Panda Update. Google Panda has a quest to filter out low quality and duplicate pages from the Google search pages. The algorithms are searching for pages that are deemed ‘not useful’ to search engine visitors.

This month we have provided you (our readers), with information that we deem to be useful, answering some of the common questions from our clients.
(Note: More information will be shared on Panda in June, as I have a feeling Matt Cutts Live Q&A (aired this week) featuring Google Panda, will make the Geek Video of the month!).

To put it bluntly several website owners were pretty annoyed by Panda, as they saw their positions decrease, so you may be wondering why we are celebrating the news. Three reasons:

1. Our blog received a 10% uplift in traffic once the update hit the UK, so it all very positive. (Note: There were other algorithm tweaks following the Panda update, so may not be totally related).

2. We have also been highlighting to our clients for some time now to stay away from duplicate content, make their content compelling and of interest to their site visitors. So they are happy.

3. It indicates that Google are much more focused on delivering the best experience for their site users, and if this means better sites, then this is more fun for us.

Rocktime Useful Content

The useful content that we have shared with our readers and our clients on the blog this month include:

'How do I edit a PDF', 'What are the pros and cons of Microsites', 'Where can I find information on Apps', 'How can Foursquare help my business' and in addition we have also provided information of the updates to 'Facebook Promotions Guidelines' (Came out May 11th) and we are soon to share information on the steps you need to take with regards to the 'EU Cookie Directive' (enforced May 26th, 1 year to comply).

New Useful Tools Page

During our Useful Content month in May, we would also like to introduce our NEW Useful Tools page. The objective of this page is to share with you a selection of our in-house tools to assist you with their search marketing plans, campaign planning and analytic reviews of performance.

Please do go and try the tools out and if you find them useful then please spread the love of our efforts and share with your friends and colleagues ;)

The tools currently present on the Useful Tools page include:

As a team of Digital Marketing Consultants we are here to help you achieve growth (sales, visitors, awareness, engagement) in your digital field. Feel free to talk to the Flashlight Search Marketing team further about how we can work alongside you on your digital strategy plans.

Author: Sarah Griffiths

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