Monday, May 09, 2011

Geek Video of the Month

As our blog focus in May, is all about sharing useful content. This months’ Geek Video of the Month goes to all the videos produced over at Lady Geek TV. The Rocktime ladies regularly check in to the site, which offers an online series of shows aimed at making technology accessible, fun and useful to women. The websites objective being to highlight the very best in smart phone apps available, the Lady Geeks state that they are "on a mission to find the right app for you".

In an interview with the Guardian, the founder of Lady Geek TV, Belinda Parmar, states;

"We put an end to the cliches and stereotypes in the tech world by helping companies understand women (beyond 'pink it and shrink it'). We offer three things: Lady Geek TV (bespoke content), Female Immersion Days (workshops on how to connect with women) and Lady Geek Panel (collective voice of powerful women in IT)."

Here’s the first episode of their web series focusing on useful apps across a range of handheld devices, if you’re interested in checking out more, then why not look into either their main site, Lady Geek TV or their YouTube account.

In extention to the above Fiona here at Rocktime, recommends you read this post from the Mobile Entertainment site, which references a new report from Lady Geek TV.

Keep up the good work girls ;)

Author: Alice Cheetham


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