Monday, January 21, 2013

Geek Video of the Month

Google has defined the definition of 'Geek' as a person with eccentric devotion to a particular interest.

So it seems fitting that this month's Geek Video gives praise to the 22 year old Digital Film Design student 'Kaleb Lechowski'.

Lechowski received attention from Hollywood executives after they viewed his six minute sci-fi animated film, titled 'R'ha'.

Thanks to his impressive work, he is now headed to Hollywood and there is talk of the potential of making a full feature movie from his ideas.

View the talked about short above and find out more over at Mashable about; what the experts say, the films that inspired the short movie and what's next for the talented student.

Mashable Entertainment Article: 22 year olds sci - fi short gets Hollywood attention

Congratulations Kaleb, we are looking forward to seeing your name in the credits list, when the time is right for you to launch your full featured movie.

Author:  Sarah Griffiths


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