Thursday, September 15, 2011

Updates to Google Product Feed

If you have a Google Product account (which feeds your products into Google Shopping), you will have recently been contacted by Google to let you know that there are important updates needed to your company's “Google product search feed”.

Google has made changes to the way website owners/managers submit their product data to Google Product Search. Google has supplied the new product feed specification to allow our Technical Team to determine which elements of the data feed we will need to change.

For further information please view the announcement of the update here; Upcoming Google Product Search Feed.

For website owners which rely on traffic from Google Product search it is vital that the changes are made before the 22nd September, as Google state that Google Product accounts that do not comply with the new requirements may be suspended.

We have contacted all of our clients with an active, or non-active Google Product Search Feed in their Rocktime E-commerce shops, about making the necessary updates.

Further information on this change, can be found over at Google Ecommerce YouTube Channel. We have added useful links to some of their (long) instructional videos below.
You can also view the long list of the new Google Product feed specification here.

If you require assistance updating your Google Product Feed, please do get in touch with our Sales Team.

Author: Farah Khan


Rocktime Digital Agency said...

Equator Live posted on their blog ( that Google will be using a phased suspension, starting with a 7 day warning period before suspending accounts. Of course, whilst it is important to get these updates done so your Google Product Feed meets Google's new requirements as of the 22nd of September, if you can't quite make it, you will at least have a few days leeway before your account is suspended.

If you do not meet Google's requirements after the warning phase, your account will be suspended for 7 days, then 28 days.

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