Thursday, May 06, 2010

Who should you be voting for?

With tonight's election looming I thought to write a topical blog post based on the UK General Election. We have decided to share with you how much we like the "Vote for policies, not personalities!" website. Real time graph from the site displayed above. We are especially keen on the usable interface and real time collaboration features on the site and within social networks. A job well done by the developers.

The Vote for Policies website has been developed/designed to help visitors to the site compare the policies of the six main politcal parties, enabling visitors to make informed decisions based on the policies they want to live with, helping the visitor remove any bias they may have picked up from the mainstream and newstream media.

Go and try it out here: it may change your mind !!

The site has also been well received by the media, with the Financial Times stating "The test is well worth taking" and Channel 4 news mentioned that "Vote for Policies is an interesting survey based on policies alone - allowing users to find out who they would vote for if their policies were anonymous". We found out about the site on Twitter.

Another tool you may be interested in visiting is which contains information directly uploaded by those trying to win your vote and here is another tool: which also helps you to determine your voting preference for the UK General Election.

Rocktime have developed their own Online Polling Tool within their bespoke Web Content Management System (Logic CMS).

The Polls module or Voting module if you prefer, allows site users to vote on particular topics / questions. After a set period of time the poll is closed and the final result displayed. The results can be displayed as a bar chart, or graph as a percentage of all those that have provided an answer. This is a good way to receive feedback on any number of topics, without the audience feeling as though they're having to give away anything. The voting module can be expanded on so once answered, the website can take the visitor through to some other 'call to action' or reward (if it's necessary to entice the visitor).

If you want to find out more about our online polling tool then pick up the phone and talk to Rocktime Sales.

Author: Sarah Griffiths @sarahgriffiths


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