Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fresh idea: Host a dinner party for charity

We subscribe to the latest news from Bullying Online, the UK’s leading anti-bullying charity and number one resource for people using search engines to find reliable information on a variety of bullying issues. Bullying Online recently let their subscribers know about a great new fundraising website, so sharing with you in their words what this latest fund raising innovation is all about.

“It's called Dinner4Good and allows you to raise money for us simply by doing something you enjoy - having friends round for dinner! To see how it works just go to www.dinner4good.com/bullyinguk. From here you can create and send personalised email invitations – takes less than 5 minutes. Your guests can then accept and donate online, so there's no awkwardness over asking for money or hassle of collecting cash. You can all see who's coming and how much is being raised – in a click. Dinner4Good takes care of everything, including claiming the Gift Aid which reduces the admin for us!
All you have to do is hold the dinner, eat, drink and enjoy yourselves! “

If you are a UK charity the Dinner4Good website appears to be a great way to potentially earn new funds and provide your supporters with a new opportunity to raise money whilst having fun. There are no set up or monthly fees to the charity and to remove doubt (due to charity sites receiving bad press) and encourage sign up, we were pleased to see that Dinner4Good have been transparent on who they partner with and how much money the charity will receive (for operating costs to run the site).

As a means of promoting this charitable site, if you are interested in holding a Dinner Party for charity or you are a UK charity looking for a new way of fundraising, we would encourage you to find out more about how the Dinner4Good website works. We wish all the best to the founder of Dinner4Good website Bryan Sergeant, great idea, great initiative, well explained, good work.

If you are a UK charity, that would like to make your own website more interactive to encourage participation in raising money from within your own site talk to our Sales team and we can bounce around some ideas.

Author: Micky Pain


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