Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The winning Geek Video of 2011 is...

Our regular readers will know that each month we share with you our 'Geek Video' of the month. Each month videos are submitted to me, by the technical team, or clients and a monthly winner is chosen.

Without further ado, drum roll please!
Our top Geek Video for 2011 is...

The EXODesk! Featured in our December Geek Video of the Month. Sadly Santa didn’t bring me one for Christmas this year, but maybe next time.

Our highlights and runners up include this demonstration of some cool science with Quantum Levitation from November, and this fantastic infographic by Digital Life, on the future of digital from June.

Why not check out some of our previous Geek Videos and pick out some favourites yourself.

If you come across anything interesting, or find a Geek Video you think is worth featuring, why not let us know.

Author: Alice Cheetham


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