Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 things Fiona likes most about Google+

Since Google+ launched for brands and businesses in November 2011 I have enjoyed thinking about ways we could incorporate Google+ into integrated digital marketing strategies and build a brand presence for our clients. Here are a few things, listed in no particular order, that I like about Google+:

  1. Hangouts are great for product demos and launches, group chats, document screen sharing and music promotion.

  2. Google is socialising all its services including search which is why Google+ content shows up in the search results, so great for increasing your search engine presence (Search Engine Optimisation).

  3. Linking all the Google products like YouTube and Blogger in one Google Account. The new Gmail interface integrates with and even looks similar to Google+.

  4. Optimised Google Places and My Places location maps, with a special offer and the new map snippets for sharing directions. Images can be geo tagged and found on Google Earth.

  5. Customisable widgets, RSS feed, social share badges making real time updating relevant.

  6. Allows animated gifs as well as static images in profile, which integrate with Picasa photo management service.

  7. The chance to be an influencer and to find influencers in a certain field using the Ripples interactive diagram.

  8. Great search ability of Google+ accounts, Google Direct Connect, lots of lists of profiles, categories and content related searches to find people of interest.

  9. Linking Ads with +1 recommendations and being able to +1 images that I like.

  10. Google+ bringing in location deals and mobile check-ins, which are great for in store promotions linked to Google Maps.

I don’t play games, as I am usually at a live music event but if I did, Google+ has those too.

If you want to find out more about Google+ and how it can benefit your business, please do go back and visit by November Blog, Creating a Google+ Page for your business. Alternatively give our sales team a call, they will be happy to discuss how we can help you further with digital strategy planning.

Author: Fiona Anderson


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