Thursday, July 31, 2014

Top Content Engagement Tracking Tools

Many tools available to create and track content engagement
Tracking Engaging Content

There are so many fantastic tools to assist with creating content and then tracking and grading how users engage with the content. Here are some of our favourite free options to help get you started:
  • Google Keyword Planner in Google AdWords
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics Behavior metrics
  • Site Search
  • Quicksprout
  • Hootsuite
  • Hubspot Marketing Grader
  • Twitter
  • Klout

A shortlist of some of the many paid for options that are worth considering:
  • MozPro
  • Truesocialmetrics
  • Sitebeam
  • Skyword
  • eyequant

There are many other platforms and tools that deserve their own lists and we will have to come back to these in more detail, especially the tools to track and monitor Social Media Influence and Engagement, for when you really need to get to know 'Who knows about you?, Who is talking to you? And Who is buying from you?':
  • social media monitoring tools 
  • content creation tools
  • content discovery tools
  • content curation tools
  • email marketing tools
  • Technical SEO grading tools
  • personalisation tools
  • search ranking tools
  • and some cost effective lead generation tools
We will have to say etc. etc. etc.

What marketing tool have you discovered that made SEO and customer engagement even more enjoyable?

Author: Fiona Anderson


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