Monday, October 28, 2013

Useful Introduction to Google Analytics Custom Reports

Analytics custom reports

A custom report is a report that you create in Google Analytics. Custom Reports can be incredible time savers if you have the right ones. Instead of spending time digging around for important metrics, you can find what you need separated neatly into columns for some analysis that will lead to some actionable insight.

You manage your existing custom reports from the Custom Reports Overview page. Click the Customisation tab, and then click Overview in the left navigation.

Create your own custom reports

To create a custom report, click the Customisation tab and then click Overview under Custom Reports in the left navigation. Click + New Custom Report to create a new report.

To build a custom report, you'll need to specify at least one dimension and one metric. Dimensions are ways of describing visits, visitors, pages, products and events.

You pick the dimensions (Visitor Type, for example) and metrics (quantifiable - Visits, Bounce Rate and Goal Conversion Rate, for example) and decide how they should be displayed.

You can also apply filters for each custom report to narrow down your findings.

If you would like a “how to” guide that shows you how to create one, Google Analytics help section explains how you can create a “Custom Report” in Analytics.

Download custom reports

You can also download already created custom reports. Below I have listed a couple of custom SEO reports we mostly use.

If you're signed in to the Google Analytics account of your choosing, you can click on the links below. They will be automatically saved into your Analytics account and can easily be found in the custom reports section inside your profile.

·         Customer Behaviour

·         Referring Pages

·         Link Analysis

·         Conversions

·         Top Converting Landing Pages

Moreover, you can also visit Google Analytics solutions gallery and filter custom reports to download based on your business objectives and marketing function.

Save time and contact us 

Google Custom Reports ultimately save you a lot of time and help you make actionable decisions that will help you improve your website's performance. If you would like to take advantage of the Google Analytics Custom Reports to pull out very valuable and actionable search marketing insights, but are finding it difficult to understand how to measure your KPIs effectively, feel free to give our Sales team a call to see how we can help

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