Friday, May 24, 2013

Geek Video of the Month

This month's Geek Video was sourced by Fiona Anderson, from the Flashlight Search Marketing team.

The 37 second video promotes a 'pro-type' smartphone which changes shape dependent on whether it receives a text, email or phone call.  The idea is that the flexible smart phone technology will provide visual cues as to what type of communication you are to engage with.  The 'brains' behind this are researchers at Queens University Human Media Lab in Canada.

Despite all the work that must have gone into developing this prototype, the flexible smartphone reminds us of those 'little red palm reading fish' (named 'Fortune Teller, Miracle Fish') that you receive in cheap party bags. If it curls up you are happy, lies flat bored, raised edges in love etc.  The fish are a novelty and we believe the above is too.

What do you think?   Can you envisage this technology being used elsewhere in the home or office?

Personally, rather than changing shape to tell me whether I am to receive a call, text, email etc, I would be more interested in the smartphone if it was able to jump out of my handbag  (or where ever I put it down!) and walk, or roll over to me, or even better, fly. (Harry Potter Talking Letters AKA Howlers!).

Now that would be smartphone progression!

Author: Sarah Griffiths (Sourced by: Fiona Anderson)


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