Friday, November 09, 2012

Geek Video of the Month

The Airpod has nearly arrived, the car that runs on air!  We first heard about the Airpod back in 2009 when the Guardian Environment talked about the Airpod here.

The creator of the Car India’s Tata Motors is debuting the Airpod again. Since the previous debut, they have been working closely with MDI an engineering company which has been developing zero pollution engines since the early 90s.

The Airpod isn't powered via peddle power, (AKA Flintstone Stylee!!) it is powered by compressed air, which you refill with an external pump. The electric motor on board the Airport will 'refuel' while in motion (takes 2 minutes to fill up). The Car is ideally suited for urban city folk as top speed is 43mph. It looks tiny but we have read that it will seat 3 adults and a child, plus there is room for luggage.  There is no steering wheel inside, just a joystick (The movie Total Recall springs to mind, Google "Total Recall Taxi" to see what we mean!).

The video shows the car in action, it isn’t very compelling, perhaps they need help with their online marketing.

So would you consider getting an Airpod ? let us know in the comments section below.

Author: Sarah Griffiths and Fiona Anderson.


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