Thursday, March 08, 2012

Why use Google Plus?

Social Media MarketingMaintaining a multi-platform social media strategy can be a demanding and time consuming task, but the benefits can more then pay off!

Using Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter & Google+, has shaped up to be a powerful drawing-in tool, attracting potential customers. Case in point; Samsung had a fantastic mobile ad campaign, which saw three times above average click through rate by linking directly to their social media accounts. This example goes to show that linking to social media can certainly achieve very tangible results.

Google PlusOf course, using social media is all well and good, but nothing beats some good statistics and real figures for seeing how much of an impact you're having with it. Wordtracker has a great summary of methods of measuring your Google+ traffic on one of their latest articles. The article is well worth a read, not only are they looking at referral traffic from Google+, and how to measure it in Google Analytics, but Google's +1 button as well. By using tools such as Topsy, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools you can get a great idea of how your social media pages and tools are affecting your search marketing.

On the topic of Google+, whilst they may be aiming for a slightly cleaner and simpler look then Facebook’s new Timeline styled profiles, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it look nice, as shown in Mashable’s article Google Plus Profile Hacks and Econsultancy’s Top 20 Google+ Photo strips. Of course, these aren’t anywhere near as complex as ‘hacks’ but instead just a smart use of images and file naming, and relatively easy to do. On a similar premise, you can also use animations to further hook your visitors at first glance.

Finally, coordinating a social media strategy alone can seem like a daunting task, let alone across comparatively new platforms such as Google+, there are many tools available to help ease the workload. Why not take a look at our own Useful Tools section on the Rocktime site, where you can make use of our Campaign Objectives Worksheet, ROI Sales Funnel and Percentage Change Calculator. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with our sales team at Rocktime to discuss your integrated marketing strategy.

Author: Alice Cheetham


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