Thursday, April 15, 2010

YouTube bring back the Bulletins

I have just logged into YouTube and noticed (appearing top of YouTube channel on login) that they have started to advertise the Channel Bulletins feature, it makes alot more sense than what I read back in Jan 2010 here over at the YouTube Blog.

This is excellent news for brands out there who which to increase their communication with the YouTube audience. The new tabbing structure makes the process very clear and easy to use.

Using the "Post a Bullettin" feature means you can write a message to all your subscribers and even link them to a video. You can then view the message you have written in your Recent Activity Module, so any passers by will see that activity too and possibly want to subscribe to you if the messages/bullettins are enticing enough. It also mentions that it will appear on the subscribers recent activity module too, there is however a time delay as I just ran the test from my personal channel here - note top line (Testing the new feature) and over 10hrs later the recent activity on Rocktimesocial hasn't updated yet (so sceptical - as YouTube comments are a gamble at the best of times).

Find out more about this feature by visiting this link over at Google on Channel Bulletins.

It is all very exciting indeed...

Author: Sarah Griffiths


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