Monday, October 26, 2009

Increasing Blog Traffic

Ready, Steady, Share your Blog

A question we are often asked is "how can I increase traffic to my site" ? and more recently with the blogging phenomenon taking off "how can I increase traffic to my blog"?

Once you have created at least 3 - 4 posts on your corporate or personal (or both) blog, next step is to promote and share it further, a few simple tips are listed below:

• List your blog on a blogging directories such as Technorati (just put blog directory into Google)
• Comment on other blogs, everyone loves feedback and to know someone is reading their blog.
• Add your blog to your social network profile pages
• Make your content compelling so people want to link to it and talk about it
• Talk on real time topical subjects (appear in Google News results)
• Tell Google about your blog for blogger search (See: Webmaster Tools)
• Link to other blogs and hope for reciprocity (followers)
• Produce content for other blogs or websites or publications
• Bookmark your champion blog posts and encourage others to bookmark you to
• Tag your blog posts
• Pay for online advertising
• Add video's to increase reach further on Video search directories
• Be personal, let people get to know you - consider linking Google Sites to your blog for these pages.

It is important that the blog is not just there to participate in the blogging phenomenon but that it is related to specific business objective ie: to generate word of mouth around their company, their personal brand, encourage feedback etc.

Wondering which blogging platform to choose?

Need a bespoke blog integrated on your site? or a current of the shelf blog integrated with your site? talk to the Flashlight team or send in a general query on our contact us form.

Author: Sarah Griffiths


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