Friday, July 17, 2009

Are you running an event or are you attending one why not live blog it!

Two situations when you may want to live blog from a meeting, conference, event, concert etc. Anything that is live and includes people really !

Situation 1:

You are at an event, let's say it's a conference. Some people can't make the conference, you are having an amazing time (!) and want to tell your colleagues and friends what is being discussed. What do you do? Live Blog it of course.

Situation 2:

You are hosting an event, again let's say it's a conference. Some key people that you wanted to attend can't be there, so you invite them remotely (via the web or mobile) so that they can join in with the discussions, ask questions for you to ask, comment on what is being said etc. You can also ask your attendees at the event to chat back (via web) to the non attendees. (Preferably in the break, as it's a bit off putting if all have their mobiles tapping when the speaker's on). Get all whom are interested involved.

Does the above sound unreal to you, well it's not and probably happens more than you know it. Here is a little explanation to those of you who are new to the Live Blogging phenomenon and explains how a number of packages are available to use (for free) online to help you stream events in real time and keep the event alive after the show has ended.

About Live Blogging

Live Blogging allows those not at the event to event to participate remotely, it could also help facilitate conversation between attendees, along with providing a place in which they can discuss the content further.

It wasn’t too long ago, that a few of us at Rocktime were sending in comments to the G20 submit (The Times Live blogged as did several other papers) via Twitter in the day and the evening live blogging Alan Sugar’s The Apprentice, which basically involved watching the programme and sending in comments to a (brought together by) social media community, posting who you thought was going to get the pointed ‘you're fired’ finger.

If you don’t need to create a community via social networks and have a list of members or fans already, then a Live Blogging platform will create more value to your already formed community, as it fosters commitment amongst the volunteer members/ fans.

There are various web based options for live blogging your event available these are outlined below some more “real time” (live) than others. If you have a particular requirement that is not covered below, talk to us about it, as with our experience & bespoke approach it’s more than likely we will be able to help you.

How to blog your live event / how to live event your blog

Basic level: Draft a post of the event and add photos and publish this to your site (accept comments)

Stream live video segments from the event using your computers webcam, using something like: U Stream TV discuss happenings using Twitter and #Hashtags

Live blog from the event, sending watchers photos and comments in real time using web based tools such as: Scribble Live integrate with Twitter, export the data and archive (for after event reference).

Live blog from the event using software such as Cover it Live, which will integrate with Twitter, allow you to put the event on your own site, providing real streaming on panellist comments, reader comments, polls, images all in real time, export the data and archive.

If you are potentially interested in live blogging; then you may want to bookmark this page for future reference, as sure we will add some more web based tools to this page in the near future.

Perhaps you are setting up a live blog yourself, if so tell us about it and we will lurk/watch and contribute if relevant.

Keep it real make it live.

Author: Sarah Griffiths


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